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Non-surgical physical therapy

As muscle pain is often a result of bad posture or extra pressure on certain points of our body, a physiotherapist can identify the exact pressure points that need therapy and offer the correct treatment. All our treatments are non-surgical, safe and effective.
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Focusing on your rehabilitation

While providing physiotherapy treatment, we focus on complete rehabilitation especially if the patient is suffering from chronic pain and health issues. Our therapies focus on the treatment, as well as certain lifestyle patterns that can trigger pain in certain parts of our body. For example, if your neck pain is because of continuously sitting before a PC, then we may suggest certain exercise programmes to offset the impact of continuous sitting in one posture. 
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Our physiotherapist can help you manage:

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Qualified manual therapist

Our chartered physiotherapist, Katherine, is a registered member of the Health Professional Council. She is a skilled manual therapist specialising in dance and sports injuries. She has been associated with various research, teaching and sports organisations. Our clinic has BUPA and AXA PPP provider status and is recognised by all major health insurance companies. Get in touch with Katherine Watkins Physiotherapy for more information. 

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"Thanks for the treatment and good advice you've given us recently with regard to my son's foot problems. His heel is much better and he has been attending tennis camp all week without problems! A huge relief! He loved doing exercises on the wobble board, thank you for lending it to us.
Thanks again. Best wishes."
-B, Wimbledon. 2015

"Katherine Watkins is an excellent physiotherapist. She knows what she is talking about, and solved my 6-month-old knee problem in 3 sessions. She focused on giving me targeted exercises so I could resolve the problem myself, instead of doing loads of manual therapy and dragging out the treatment regime. She fully reviewed the exercises each session to make sure they were still appropriate and tweaked or added to the treatment plan along the way. I found this approach very helpful and effective. I would definitely recommend her to anybody for any condition.” 
-Quote from Best of Wimbledon & Merton website.

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