Back and neck pain

Effective back pain treatment in Wimbledon

Are you suffering from back or neck pain in addition to restricted movement in your shoulders or other parts of your body?
Contact Katherine Watkins Physiotherapy for personalised treatment if you are based anywhere in London. 

Getting to the root of physical pain

Back pain is mechanical in nature and can be greatly alleviated by a course of physiotherapy. At Katherine Watkins Physiotherapy, we try to get to the root of the problem and emphasise finding a resolution to the pain and dysfunction. If you are suffering from some kind of back pain and wish to get rid of it, contact us today.
strengthening exercise

Mobility and
strengthening exercises 

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle have a chance of developing back pain at some point in our lives, which might even become chronic. However, we believe that a vast majority of you can learn how to manage your pain and resume your normal lives. 

At Katherine Watkins Physiotherapy, we encourage and motivate our patients to participate in mobility and strengthening exercises which work wonders in maintaining a healthy back and overall good health.
Physiotherapy sessions

Our physiotherapy sessions are ideal for people suffering from: 

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Testimonial/Value statements.

“I had a long term problem with my neck and shoulder and had been to several physiotherapists. This physio was different, much more interactive with my particular difficulties; and adapting to progress when it started. The treatment was more based on exercises for me to do at home, rather than an on-the-table treatment. Monitoring and adapting the exercises was crucial. My progress has been remarkable. A truly exceptional physiotherapist.” 
-SK, quote from Best of Wimbledon & Merton website

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